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2Hezar! (2Thousands)
20 June 2010

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Sand Waves
20 May 2008

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Little Bird
19 April 2008

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Plant Skin
9 April 2008

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8 February 2008

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Moharram Childs 1
29 January 2008

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27 January 2008

Recent Comments

fixi on Miniature Scorpion!!
hi there, u can see it:

Bushra on Miniature Scorpion!!
book scorpion

Bushra on Miniature Scorpion!!
I also found it today , same like your's , but don't know what is this called .. but it look like a lice.

Anna on Miniature Scorpion!!
Just found one of these in Queens Park, Sydney .. fascinating creature

Gulrez Khan on Miniature Scorpion!!
Hey Hossein, I found similar bug in my room yesterday. I have pictures and video as well. Everything is same as in your ...

Dragana on NA'IN Historical City - IRAN
This one is really special.

Dragana on Lily
Wonderful pictures

cess on Miniature Scorpion!!
I find it sometimes in my apartment. They are "Chelifer cancroides" and like someone said are from the order ...

nunush on Green Alley
ساده اما زیبا

Tara on Miniature Scorpion!!
My boyfriend just found this identical scorpion on me. Very disturbing yet fascinating... I only seen this thing twice ...

Peter Heckler on Miniature Scorpion!!
I was bitten by a scorpion about that size on March 4, 2011. My little friend now sleeps in alcohol in a specimen jar. ...

Maggie on Untitled!
Like a note on a musical stave :-)

silent photos on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran

silent photos on AutoPhoto!

silent photos on Iran-Isfahan 3
hey....nice shot...

silent photos on Miniature Scorpion!!
wowwwwwwwwwww...oh my god... it was amazing...

silent photos on Green Alley
what's the name of this village?

Mohammad on 2Hezar! (2Thousands)

Mahdi on BUSKER
Beautiful shot

kombizz (kambiz) on BUSKER

barbod on REFLEX
فوق العاده هستش

MMC Photos on 2Hezar! (2Thousands)
I didn't know there was any green there. Nice pano.

Shahryar on 2Hezar! (2Thousands)
so beautiful landscape :)

Krunal on 2Hezar! (2Thousands)
beautiful landscape

بهشت می مونه

greg Y. on Miniature Scorpion!!
Hi All, my brother is an exterminator in Eastern Pennsylvania USA, above Philadelphia. He just found one of these and ...

narges on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
behet tabrik migam, kheili ghashang o delrobast , miduni chera?

Zahra.Z.E on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
kheyli ghashange kadr bandi monasebi dare va ranghaye zendeyi

omidvahabzadeh on Iran-Isfahan 5
Khali khubee afarin

Self-Indulgence on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
The water flows silkenly over the very detailed rocks. Nicely done and to know there are so many fountains like this.. ...

Self-Indulgence on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
There is a beautiful silken quality to the water, nicely done!

Self-Indulgence on AutoPhoto!
Nicely composed portrait, very professional looking.

Julie on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
Very nice shot!

Paul on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
Nice one .....

Curly on AutoPhoto!
Nice shot, I see you left plenty of space for the advertisers to add their wording Lol :-)

Curly on Deilaman - Lahijan - North of Iran
Stunningly good slow shutter shot, excellent.

Eleanor on Miniature Scorpion!!
It is a pseudoscorpion related to spiders, scopions, mites and ticks. They are harmless to humans. I live in New ...

J on Miniature Scorpion!!
i saw this little spec moving on my kitchen counter so i pressed it with my finger then i got my magnifying glass ...

Dana A on Lahijan City - GILAN Provience - I.R. IRAN
I love the pictures; and good for you for taking such beautiful pictures; you've traveled everywhere in Iran ...

Jacqueline on BUSKER
What a beautiful photo with a lot of sensibilty

Ahmad on Iran-Isfahan 2
oooo! cheqadr rang,detail'haye khubi mishe gereft az inja...:)

Hady Hormozy on AutoPhoto!
Nice shot. can you leave some helpful cm for me. I`m amateur and need your suggestions. sincerely

Gabor on Miniature Scorpion!!
that little thing really is amazing!

Gabor on Iran-Isfahan 5
That is magnificent artwork and architecture. I have always wanted to visit Iran - it looks like such a stunning ...

MARIANA on AutoPhoto!
Excellent portrait . Perfect lighting !

Calusarus on AutoPhoto!
A nice self-portrait. Pleased to meet you…

jenniellen on AutoPhoto!
I love the lighting, the shot!

OLDHex on AutoPhoto!
it's a smart situation !

Toomaj on Iran-Isfahan 5
چه آرامشی و چه امنیت دل انگیزی،

sawsengee on Iran-Isfahan 4
fabulous interior, lovely mosaic work & you have captured its exquisite beauty well.

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