About Hossein


Mohammad Hossein Imani, 24 years, enthusiast in photography about 4 years, Three years of it I shot with little compact camera in an amateur like but now I have a Canon 350D! It made me be more eager to shot pro form, so I gathered info from internet and studied photographers articles and books and took myself out of amateur.

I'm studying English Translation for achieving B.A degree in Ghazvin province in Iran. I like talking English native like and struggle for it.

I love graphic design with photoshop and photo manipulations, pro mixes etc... being creative in this software. - I worked with this multiple X function, endless creative sofware from the third version of it, its about 7 years that I working with it and after all I'm happy that I'm professional in most aspects in Photoshop now, and can teach it easily to others, as I do now. But of course being pro in not the last level, PS creation is endless and there photoshop monsters around the world that can beat me off easily!!

I'm a digital technology fan, computers, TVs, Hi-Fi Components anything digital!
I love listening to music, special "New Age" genre, relaxation/meditation.

Photography Equipment

Canon 350D D-SLR
Canon 24-105L IS USM
Canon kit lens 18-55
Velbon VEF-3 Tripod
Canon 430EX Flashgun
SOMITA 180-J Flash Kit
Canon RS-60E3 Remote Switch.

Working with "Adobe Photoshop CS3 & CS4"